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Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichoke, as known as Sunchoke, is a mild tasting root vegetable.  It is in the sunflower family and produces yellow flowers that draw pollinators to the garden.  The plant can reach 6-10 feet tall.


Plant tubers in early Spring in full sun, about 12-18 inches apart, 4 - 6 inches deep.


The plant is upright, tall growing with bristly, woody stems.


The plant needs to grow at least four months to begin producing harvestable tubers.  Stems will die back in late summer/early fall.  Cut it back and harvest tubers as needed.  Several tubers will be clustered at the base of each stem.  Leave some for future growth if desired.

Smaller tubers can be sliced and used in salads; larger tubers can be cooked and eaten like potatoes.

Jerusalem Artichoke Plant
Jerusalem Artichoke Plant
Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers
Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers