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Jicama is also known as Yam Bean and/or the Mexican Turnip.  It is a crunchy, mildly sweet large root vegetable.  Vines can be 10 – 20 feet.  Only the peeled tuber / rhizome is edible, all other parts are poisonous.

The tuber can be eaten raw or cooked – such as a snack, slaw or Jicama fries. Taste and texture are between apple, water chestnut and/or potato.


Soak the seeds overnight. Plant in full sun about ½” deep and 8” apart. Base of plant doesn’t require a lot of space, but vines need support and space to sprawl.


Produces flowers and green bean like pods. Removing flowers may enhance yield.  Tuber can grow 4 - 6" diameter and 4-5 pounds in weight.


Ready in about nine months under good conditions. Don’t allow plant to get too old as the tuber can get hard and woody.

Jicama Plant
Jicama Plant
Jicama Tuber
Jicama Tuber