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About Us

Through the mix of a little old-fashioned skills and a few modern-day conveniences, we are striving to increase our own food security while supporting the environment.  We started our little self-sufficiency journey just a few years ago.  Our goal was to reconnect with nature, produce healthier food, reduce waste, and increase our own sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Knowing firsthand how the food you eat is grown and that no unnecessary chemicals are used simply provides what we feel is a healthier option than store-bought.  Growing in your backyard also allows for a larger choice of foods and varieties.  Doing our little part to add back to the earth and nature is very awarding as well.  The freshness and taste of homegrown versus commercially grown and shipped produce is worth it alone.  But in today’s economy, there is an added financial benefit that we are just beginning to see as well.

If we can share what we learn with our community and create a small revenue stream from our homestead to help supplement our retirement during this journey, that is a definite win-win!

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