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Speckled Pea Microgreen Kit – Medium- Soil


Pea sprouts are great in salads and can be eaten shortly after they have grown their first or second set of true leaves. Crunchy with a sweet, fresh pea taste.

10” x 10” tray w/o lid
Soil/Seeding Mix

If you are just getting started in growing microgreens an H2U Microgreen Growing Kit is a great way to get going. Microgreens are inexpensive, fun to grow, and cover a variety of nutrition-dense tastes. As you can literally garden on your countertop, this is also a great option if you have limited space. Most microgreen varieties are ready to harvest in 8 to 10 days. Kids and adults alike love watching nature unfold before their eyes!

The MEDIUM container is a 10′ x 10′ grow tray without holes.

Small - 5" x 8"

5” x 8” tray with lid